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What is Shikimi?

Shikimi is more than a recording studio. it's a hub of creativity and collaboration. From songwriting and arrangement to mixing, mastering and releasing songs. Music is not just an auditory experience; it's an art form that transcends boundaries and connects hearts.

Music Studio

Music Production

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Explore some services that can help reaching new heights in your musical endeavors.


Combining tube preamps with IRs for great results when recording vocals, drums, bass, guitar and synth.

Mixing / mastering

Rebalancing a stereo track, STEM mixing, individual track mixing.
Mastering for Spotify and iTunes.

Writing lyrics

Creating and finishing lyrics about all kinds of topics.

Restauration / digitalization

Removing unwanted background noises and restoring damaged audio signals. Digitalising LP, cassettes and videotapes.

Composing / arranging

Writing scores of existing music or inventing new arrangements for any instrument.

Music Production

Searching the right sound and creating a suitable and custom music production.


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Meet the music collaborators behind the scenes.

Pieter Van Vaerenbergh

Music Producer / Mix & Master engineer

Marlon Knuts

classical/musical arranger & composer

Roel Dhallé

Music Director & Conceptual Strategist

Sisse Princen

Studio Drummer

Niels De Kerpel

Studio Guitarist


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